A proven and effective drug-free treatment

A proven and effective drug-free treatment

The problem:

Problems with sleeplessness and insomnia can change the way we feel and behave and can have a profound effect on our mood, health and wellbeing. It can leave us feeling frustrated, lacking energy  and with the sense we are not getting enough out of life. Importantly, it can profoundly alter the way we approach the choices available to us, both personally and professionally.


If your problems with sleep stop you living the life you want, The Sleep Better Method can help.

Our solution:

  • A structured step-by step-approach 
  • Delivers a proven, highly effective, drug free treatment for sleeplessness
  • Individual support with a specialist  practitioner
  • Effective techniques and strategies you can immediately put into practice
  • A comprehensive course guide book to support you in your learning
  • Accompanying MP3 Downloads
  • A completely new foundation for dealing with your problems with sleep

Read more about Our Approach, the Course we offer, How to Book and some of the many Benefits you may experience.

I'm alot more able to make sense of my well being. I can now pace myself, do self management.